Safari videos

Your video dose of Robin Pope Safaris’ moments and action from the bush in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. These wild sightings are coming straight from the wilderness.

  • Video Safari: Predator vs Prey

    The African bush is a place, where prey and predator alike fight for survival. A leopard mom is as caring and protective of her cub,…

  • Video Safari Diaries: Hyenas vs Crocs

    Known for their stamina, hyenas can run for miles on end. This clan is on its way to the water. With full bellies from their…

  • Video Safari Diaries: Leopard Beach

    The hippos have a visitor. This leopard only drinks at the river when the lagoons have dried up. These stealthy spotted cats don’t often venture…

  • Video Safari Diaries: Baboon Diet

    Baboons spend much time in grassland, feeding on grasses and seeds. But they move long distances, in search of all kinds of food. Being omnivorous, baboons also eat meat.

  • Video Safari Diaries: Leopard Tree Hunt

    Today, the bush seems nervous….for good reason A leopard Below her, unsuspecting prey… slowly walking straight into her trap This is how leopards hunt from…

  • Video Safari Diaries: Feathered Fight Club

    A juvenile fish eagle is feasting away… But It's not alone… A maribu stork is trying to get a free lunch.. The fish eagle is…

  • Video Safari Diaries: Kings vs Queens

    Lions are on the move… But the pride seems uneasy… Male lions are in pursuit… The females hastily lead their cubs away. They don’t seem…

  • Video Safari Diaries: Leopard cub stalks mother

    Introductie hier

  • Video Safari Diaries: High Tea with an Eagle

    This Martial eagle has just caught a monitor lizard... It might seem like an odd choice for a meal, but for such a large eagle, there is lots on the menu. From small mammals to other birds and even reptiles!  

  • Video Safari Diaries: Battle for the Bride

    This troop is on high alert… Not for a predator, but for a high-ranking female that’s in heat. The most dominant male needs to defend his mating rights, and the pressure is on!

  • Video Safari Diaries: Clan vs Clan

    This hyena clan has discovered the remains of a lion kill. They sense trouble: …..they’re not alone… the neighbouring clan has also picked up this irresistible scent of food… They act swiftly and assertively.

  • Video Safari Diaries: Playful Leopard Cub

    A small leopard cub, lies in wait for his mother. He is in a playful mood, and she is happy to oblige as mom moves…

  • Video Safari Diaries: Impala Testosterone

    These impala rams are “rutting”, a term used when the males actively compete. As winter approaches, fights become a common sight in the bush.

  • Video Safari Diaries: Buffalo vs Lion

    The buffalo herd has spotted trouble. Their ultimate enemy is nearby. Making sure she knows they’ve seen her, they approach.

  • Video Safari Diaries: Giraffe Casanovas

    This bull giraffe seems to be in luck, for he is about to mate with a female. But two other bulls approach and disrupt the…

  • Video Safari Diaries: Newborn Puku

    This female puku has just given birth… Only a few minutes old, the fawn already tries to stand. But it’s still too weak. Fifteen minutes…

  • Video Safari Diaries: The African Bush

    The African wilderness is abundant with animals. From the smallest to the tallest. Some of them live in social groups while others walk alone. They…

  • Video Safari Diaries: Zebra Playfight

    While some zebras enjoy a siesta, others are in the mood to play. These young stallions test each other’s strength. Now they are still just…

  • Video Safari Diaries: Giraffe Romance

    This bull giraffe is approaching a cow to test if she’s ready to mate, and he is followed by a curious youngster,