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The Ultimate Zimbabwe Safari explores some of Zimbabwe's gems: Matusadona National Park, Hwange National Park, Mana Pools National Park and Gonarezhou National Park.

Key facts of The Ultimate Zimbabwe Safari

The Hide 3 nights Changa Camp 3 nights
John's Camp 3 nights Chilo Lodge 3 nights
Number of nights 12
Available dates May - October 
Country visited Zimbabwe
National Parks Hwange National Park, Lake Kariba, Mana Pools National Park, Gonarezhou National Park

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John's Camp sundowners part of the Ultimate Zimbabwe Safari
Wildlife infront of The Hide, part of the Ultimate Zimbabwe Safari

The ultimate journey into the wild.

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in southern Africa lying between the Limpopo and Zambezi Rivers and known for its dramatic landscape and diverse wildlife, much of it within parks, reserves and safari areas. The wonders of the landscape are matched by a variety and density of wildlife comparable with the world’s best, and this safari explores some of Zimbabwe’s safari hot spots.

Hwange National Park, where The Hide is located, is the largest wildlife reserve in Zimbabwe, occupying roughly 14,650 sq. km. Visitors to Hwange are guaranteed to see an incredible range of wildlife, with over 100 species of mammals and nearly 400 bird species recorded.

Matusadona National Park is situated in the northern region of Zimbabwe on the southern shore of Lake Kariba. Matusadona was proclaimed a non-hunting area in 1958 before being declared a game reserve in 1963. Later, in 1975, it became a national park and today covers an area of 1,400 sq. km of both rugged, mountainous hill tops and flat grass plains and lake frontage, all rich in flora and fauna. Changa Safari Camp is located in a prime area of the park.

Mana Pools National Park is a beautiful 2,196 sq. km wildlife conservation area in northern Zimbabwe. Mana means “four” in Shona, (one of the main vernacular languages in Zimbabwe) and it refers to the number of large permanent pools left by the Zambezi River as it flows into the flood plain, and it is here that you will find John’s Camp.

Gonarezhou National Park, in Zimbabwe’s South-East Lowveld, covers just more than 5 000 km² of some of the most spectacular scenery in the region. Gonarezhou means place of elephants and is home to over 8000 elephants, maily large tuskers, which are always a treat to see. Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge lies on the edge of the park and offers guests an unforgettable wilderness experience.

Itinerary of The Ultimate Zimbabwe Safari day by day

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Day 1 - 3
Day 4 - 6
Day 7 - 9
Day 10 - 12
The Hide

Day 1 - 3: The Hide

Hwange National Park is located in the northwest corner of Zimbabwe and is well known for its large herds of elephants which are famous across Africa. It is a haven for over 100 mammal and 400 bird species, the park protects populations of all of Zimbabwe’s endangered species, elephants numbering in excess of 20,000 (up from around 4,000 when the park was proclaimed), and what is thought to be one of the largest populations of African wild dog left in the world. Large prides of lion and buffalo are frequently seen here and you have a good chance of spotting leopard in addition to cheetah and spotted hyena. The wild and woolly brown hyena also occurs here and is something of a rarity.

The Hide is the first stop on the Ultimate Zimabwe Safari and is situated on its own private concession, a 5 km square area in Zimbabwe’s largest national park, and being on a private concession means the range of activities on offer is wider and more exciting. During the course of your stay you can do as much or as little as you like! A walking safari in the bush with your guide where you’ll discover it’s less about the Big Five and more about making a connection that’s personal. A game drive into the evening after a well deserved sundowner gives one the chance to experience wild nocturnal activity that you don’t get the chance to see elsewhere. There is no typical day at The Hide as it really depends on you how much or little you would like to do. The scope and scale of Hwange’s wildlife is such that there is generally always something to see. There is no limit on the number of activities you can do, so if you can’t sit still, you could do an early morning walk followed by a morning drive after breakfast. In the afternoon you could head out again, stopping off for a sundowner, followed by a night-drive back to camp.

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Changa Safari Camp

Day 4 - 6: Changa Safari Camp

Perfectly set in a remote and secluded part of the Matusadona National Park lies Changa Safari Camp. During your time here, there are several activities on offer. From early morning game walks, fishing for the famed fighting tiger fish and photographing wildlife whilst on a game drive – these are just a few of the adventures you can partake in. For those that want to take some time out to relax, you do not have to venture too far from camp to see wildlife as there are regular visitors including elephants, bush babies, monkeys, squirrels and on the rare occasion, a resident leopard.

Matusadona National park is situated on the shores of Lake Kariba. This was one of the last wild sanctuaries of the endangered Black Rhino and was also considered to have one of the highest natural population density of lions in Africa. This stunning park encompasses Lake Kariba's most beautiful southern shorelines, vast flat wilderness cut by numerous river lines and the wild, wide, 600m-high Matusadona mountain range which divides the Zambezi valley from the upland farmlands behind. The Park is bounded by two spectacularly beautiful rivers, in the west, the Ume, and the Sanyati in the east with its magnificent, steep sided, rocky gorge. It's next stop on the Ultimate Zimbabwe Safari.

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John’s Camp

Day 7 - 9: John’s Camp

Mana Pools National Park is next on the Ultimate Zimbabwe Safari. The Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is perfectly located in the heart of a natural valley on a unique flood plane, rich and diverse in flora, fauna and wildlife. It is home to 4 of the Big 5 (excluding only Rhino). It’s the only National Park in the world where you are allowed to freely walk with the wild animals and get to experience Africa as it should be - on foot! Being one of the least developed National Parks in the whole of Southern Africa, Mana is simply bursting with birdlife and wildlife. It is home to substantial concentrations of big game such big cats, wild dogs, buffalo and elephant, which are abundant in large herds, roaming the floodplains. The river teems with crocodile and hippo in some of the largest concentrations in Zimbabwe!

A typical day on safari at John's Camp starts with a wake up call just before sunrise for a quick light breakfast before heading out for your activity, either a walking safari, exploring the magical wonders of Mana Pools or game drive into the wilderness. Once back in camp, and after a hearty meal, you can choose to have a siesta before the next game drive. Head out again for an afternoon of game viewing as the day cools down, giving you a chance to see the animals unwind as well as the opportunity to see some nocturnal wildlife before your return. Sundowners are always a must and can be enjoyed while out on your afternoon game drive or back in camp. No visit to Zimbabwe would be complete without a trip to Mana Pools!

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Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge

Day 10 - 12: Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge

Gonarezhou means “place of the elephants”. The park is home to over eight thousand of them and is a gem amongst the African parks, offering safari travelers an increasingly rare ability to explore untouched Africa. Buffalo gather at watering holes, big cats prowl silently in pursuit of their next meal, hippos wallow in the water, while the panorama of birdlife is just breath taking. What better way to end your Ultimate Zimbabwe Safari than here.

Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge sits on the cliffs of the Save river with panoramic views over Gonarezhou National Park and offers guests access to the pristine wilderness of Gonarezhou, with the authentic animal interaction which goes with a park which is rarely visited. Whether it’s exhilarating game drives through the park, excursions to the epic Chilojo Cliffs, or a day spent birdwatching, there are a wide range of activities to suit every guest. Morning game drive or game walk in Gonarezhou are advised, including a visit to Tembwahata Pan – the largest natural water pan in Zimbabwe.

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Itinerary of The Ultimate Zimbabwe Safari by map

This safari could not have been more appropriately named as it really was the ultimate safari for us. We consider ourselves quite avid safari goers and have been fortunate enough to go on several African safaris, but Zimbabwe took our breath away. The beauty and sheer volumes of wildlife, roaming free was truly unforgettable. We hope to return one day.
Barry W about The Ultimate Zimbabwe Safari
Zimbabwe has received some bad press in the past that's overshadowed it's real gems: the pristine national parks and wildlife that are protected in them. We enjoyed every minute of our trip and felt completely immersed in the wilderness due to the lack of mass tourism. We hope this remains that way as it is a very special place.
Mary P about The Ultimate Zimbabwe Safari

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