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Video Safari Diaries: Hyenas vs Crocs

Known for their stamina, hyenas can run for miles on end. This clan is on its way to the water. With full bellies from their…

Video Safari Diaries: Leopard Beach

The hippos have a visitor. This leopard only drinks at the river when the lagoons have dried up. These stealthy spotted cats don’t often venture…

Video Safari Diaries: Baboon Diet

Baboons spend much time in grassland, feeding on grasses and seeds. But they move long distances, in search of all kinds of food. Being omnivorous, baboons also eat meat.

Video Safari Diaries: Leopard Tree Hunt

Today, the bush seems nervous….for good reason A leopard Below her, unsuspecting prey… slowly walking straight into her trap This is how leopards hunt from…

Video Safari Diaries: Giraffe Romance

This bull giraffe is approaching a cow to test if she’s ready to mate, and he is followed by a curious youngster,