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Luangwa Safari House, situated in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia is an extraordinary castles-like house giving you space, luxury and comfort with nature on your doorstep.

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Key facts of Luangwa Safari House

Open Mid March - Mid January
Accommodation Private house with four large ensuite bedrooms
Policy Children 7 years and over are welcome
Airport Mfuwe Airport
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Luangwa Safari House

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Discover Luangwa Safari House


Luangwa Safari House sits gracefully on the edge of a lagoon system frequented by large herds of elephants, impalas, giraffes and countless other species which use the lagoon as a source of water and food throughout the year. All of which is magnificently set off by the back drop of the Chindeni Hills. During the dry season lunch can be had on the raised deck surrounded by up to 80 elephants splashing around and enjoying the cool water.

The House has been designed to assault the senses from the minute you arrive, a strong castle like structure looms up in front of you, then and as you enter through the enormous pivoting door, light and grace as the entire front of the house is open to wilderness. The four double rooms each subtly but differently decorated to mimic the elements – water, earth, wind and fire encompass the feeling of bringing nature into the house.


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En suite
Evening Breeze Air Conditioning
Plunge Pool
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Upon entering through the huge pivoting door you are welcomed by a large airy main area, the front of which is completely open affording incredible views of the landscape and countless animals as they stroll past the house. This room, the ceiling of which reaches up to twelve meters in height, is dominated by enticing sofas, two floating staircases on either side leading to the upstairs bedrooms and a large wrought iron and marble dining table. The open front of the main area leads on to a tiled terrace with a refreshing plunge pool on one side and a decked walkway through the ebony trees on the other. Each of the spacious rooms are individual in style and have their own en-suite bathroom and private verandah area for you to enjoy the tranquility of Zambia.

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South Luangwa is a paradise for wildlife lovers, with game species including elephant, buffalo, hippos, giraffe, leopards, and lions and over 450 species of birds. Several antelope species are found in large numbers, especially the puku and impala. Also, to be found in huge herds are buffalo and elephants.

Lion, spotted hyena, leopard, and wild dogs are the main predators. Though the park is popularly known as ‘valley of the leopards’, lions are actually more widely and easily seen.

There are 3 species of herbivores which are endemic to the park; there are Crawshay’s zebra (subspecies of the more common plains zebra), Thornicroft’s giraffe (distinguished by its different coloration which is more striking than other species found in the rest of Southern Africa) and Cookson’s wildebeest (slightly smaller than blue wildebeest with slightly reddish bands).

Keen birders are treated to over 450 bird species in the Luangwa. The Emerald Season is perfect time to see the most species, as the migratory birds are around. Huge breeding colony of yellow-billed storks are a highlight during this season in our Nsefu Sector. Then later in the year from about September to end October/November, we have the carmine bee-eater nesting along the riverbanks of the Luangwa – an amazing and colourful site to be seen.

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Rates and Season Highlights

Our rates are inclusive of accommodation, activities, meals and bar and are charged per person per night by season. Park entry costs are extra. For guests staying more than 7 nights at RPS properties, there are long stay discounts available. There is no supplement charged for single travelers unless there are more than 3 singles. Children’s rates are available as well as a complimentary stay for a second child under 16 years. Note: Rates may vary for residents or regional travellers. All rates are subject to change without notice.


The different seasons offer us incredible diversity in terms of landscapes, wildlife sightings and experiences. We have put together some of these highlights for you to consider as you plan your African adventure with us. Be inspired!

Lower rates | Beautiful vistas and dramatic scenery | baby boom in animal kingdom | Migratory birds are around
  • Closing 15 January. Emerald season: 4050 USD pn per unit.
  • The new year brings stunning lush scenery to the bush as the rains are in full swing. The animals are well fed and the lagoons are brimming with waterbirds and mammal activity.
  • Hot and humid but most importantly not raining constantly. Magnificent cloud build ups and dramatic light with vibrant green bush a feast for the eyes at every turn.
Luangwa Safari House is closed this time of year so we can do some 'spring' cleaning and maintenance.
Lower rates | Beautiful vistas and dramatic scenery | Baby boom in animal kingdom | Migratory birds are around
  • Opens 15 March. Emerald season: 4050 USD pn per unit.
  • Keep an eye out for baby elephants – whilst there is no set time for this we definitely see more of them this time of the year bouncing through the bush with their floppy trunks and baggy knees.
  • Scattered storms, clear skies, warm days and electric sunsets over the lush green Luangwa valley.
Lower rates | Beautiful scenery | Fantastic Birding | Pleasant temperatures
  • Emerald season: 4050 USD pn per unit.
  • The impala rutt has started and the males can be seen and heard bouncing around the bush their white undersides of their tails raised high like a flag announcing their dominance.
  • A beautiful time of the year for the weather. Warm with a few scarce thunderstorms but cooling down in the evenings which means a lovely aperitif can be had around the camp fire.
Lower rates | Good game viewing | Pleasant temperatures
  • Emerald season till 21 May: 4050 USD pn per unit.
    Shoulder season from 22 May: 4285 USD pn per unit.
  • Keep an eye out for the animals as they hide in the tall vegetation and marvel at the height of the grass when you see an elephant or giraffe just peeking out over it.
  • The end of the rains and the storm clouds have gone leaving the clear skies to start drying out the bush. The days are a very pleasant temperature but early mornings are certainly a little cooler.
Lower rates | Good game viewing | Pleasant temperatures
  • Shoulder season: 4285 USD pn per unit.
  • The bush is starting to dry out and the animals know that what lies ahead are the tough dry months. The only ones benefiting from the hardship are the predators.
  • The temperatures are starting to cool and some mornings give rise to a mystical mist which rises from the Luangwa in the sunrise.
Great game viewing | Favourable weather
  • Peak season: 4980 USD pn per unit.
  • The ebony trees start to fruit around camp and the elephants find it all but impossible to resist the temptation and hang out around camp feasting on the fruit. Meanwhile the baboons spend the early mornings sitting in the sun warming up.
  • The start of winter and temperatures drop significantly at night providing ample opportunity to snuggle up under a duvet.
Great game viewing | Favourable weather
  • Peak season: 4980 USD pn per unit.
  • The calls of leopard and lion travel through the night as the bush thins out and the early mornings are serenaded with the ghostly call of the ground hornbill.
  • Winter is in full swing with cold nights and mornings but pleasant day time temperatures.
Phenomenal Game Viewing
  • Peak season: 4980 USD pn per unit.
  • The predators are sharpening their claws the next few months for them is hunting season. Sticking to the gulley’s and sneaking up on their pray there is no shortage of opportunity.
  • With winter behind us the temperatures rise sharply as we all prepare ourselves for the warmest time of the year. Evenings are warm but the temperatures still dip a little but the days are getting hot.
Phenomenal Game Viewing
  • Shoulder season: 4285 USD pn per unit.
  • The time of year when everyone and everything is hot. The wildlife concentrates around any available body of water and only the mopane trees have the energy to burst into new leaf injecting a much needed splash of colour to the dry bush.
  • This is the peak of our dry season and temperatures are at their highest with the bush as dry as it will be all year.
Lower Rates | Exceptional Game Viewing
  • Emerald season: 4050 USD pn per unit.
  • The intensity of the heat and build up of distant storm clouds this is when the bush bursts into new life with impala, puku and warthogs being born in their plenty and rushing around the bush waiting for the rains
  • The days and nights are hot and scattered with the promising sight and sound of enormous, localised storms. Sudden downpours provide momentary relief from the heat but dry out as soon as it stops.
Lower rates | Beautiful lush scenery | Baby boom in animal kingdom | Fantastic Birding
  • Emerald season: 4050 USD pn per unit.
  • The migratory birds are coming in and our ears are tuned in to hear the first call of the elusive Angola Pitta. The Abdim Storks line the river banks and the woolly necked storks are also starting to arrive.
  • Hot and stormy one of the most dramatic times of the year with purple grey skies and jagged lighting splitting the clouds in half.
This is a truly special place. My family and I had the most amazing time at Luangwa house and I feel privileged to of stayed there. I have been lucky enough to stay in some great places but very rarely do I actually shed a tear at leaving, and for this place I did. The location is amazing, you are basically in a beautiful house yet on a constant safari.
Elsie-Chandler about Luangwa Safari House
We thought that the service provided was excellent in all respects. The facilities were outstanding, the quality of the food was superb, all of the staff were very friendly and the guide was really knowledgeable, approachable and great with our kids
Jacob L about Luangwa Safari House
This is one of the best holiday experiences you could ever hope for. The house and setting are breath taking. We had wonderful safari trips into the park with our superb guide and saw lots of animals very close up including leopard and lions. Best of all though were the wonderfully friendly staff and the superb food. If you go to one place in Africa make sure this is it.
David K about Luangwa Safari House
The perfect retreat in Luangwa river area. Fantastic hosts! We stayed with our family and occupied the complete lodge. The staff managed to create a completely different setting for breakfast and dinner occasions. Highly recommended!
noppie1234 about Luangwa Safari House
There is not enough to be said about how fantastic Luangwa Safari House is. Great staff, stunning location, surrounded by wildlife. An unforgettable experience! Waking up to elephants at your window is a rare treat, but there is just to much to see as this house blurs the lines between luxury stay and blending in to the environment. We shared our breakfast with some local baboons one morning.
Jake L about Luangwa Safari House

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