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African Safaris in the dry season

While our part of the world may still be experiencing winter, it’s a wonderful season to explore the attractions of Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.  July, August are cooler while things definitely start to heat up in September, providing ideal conditions for an African safari. You can observe Africa’s incredible wildlife and savor the pleasant daytime temperatures.

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Why travelthis time of year

Great game viewing as bush starts to thin out.
Warm weather conditions.
Seasonal hides now in use.
Exceptional time of year for walking safaris.

Some ideas for you

Enjoy a variety of safari offerings between all 3 destinations that we operate in or embark on a single country safari where you can combine several different experiences all within the same country.

Temperatures and conditions

Winter hits its peak in July, and there may be a few overcast days with some light drizzle (also known as chiperoni in Malawi), aside from this and a few occasional showers at the end of September, there will be no precipitation. As July comes to an end, the days begin to get longer and the morning and night-time temperatures will also be warmer so even early game drives will be more comfortable. The temperature during the dry season varies from 13°C at night to 32°C during the day.

More about Temperatures

The bush has dried out substantially making game viewing a lot easier. The start of September signals the arrival of the carmine bee-eaters which is a sight for sore eyes. The access to all the seasonal hides gives another dimension to the game viewing. Water is becoming harder for the animals to access thus making it easier to pinpoint where they will congregate.

Game viewing from the comfort of your tent at Mobiles
Highlights of this time of year

Take advantage of our Mobile Walking Safaris which will conclude in early October. Spend time in the seasonal hides enjoying game viewing at a different perspective. Enjoy the water activities on Lake Malawi as the weather gets increasingly warmer or spend a night under the stars with our star decks at Mkulumadzi Lodge and John’s Camp. Don’t forget to make use of our hippo hide, carmine hide and several other hides in the South Luangwa are accessible for a completely unique game viewing experience.

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