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African Safaris in the green season

The beginning of the green season in Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe signifies a remarkable rebirth of the wilderness, both flora and fauna. Despite our bushcamps in Zambia & Zimbabwe closing as well as our walking safaris in Zambia coming to a halt, it is a great time for off the beaten track experiences with our specialist safaris or take it a step further and spend a green Christmas with us! All our Malawi properties are still open too.

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Why travelthis time of year

A time of rebirth as the wilderness comes alive.
Specialist safaris on offer.
Less crowds which gives a greater sense of adventure.

Some ideas for you

Indulge in some of our exciting safaris, some of which are exclusive to this time of year.

Temperatures and conditions

November is the start of Zambia’s rainy season – generally cooler than the previous few months, but nevertheless still hot and humid. Expect daytime averages of roughly 30°C and nights down to only around 20°C. Rainstorms are sporadic, with heavy downpours rapidly turning the dirt roads to mud but that does not mean you can’t still have an incredible safari as the showers only last a few hours and also give rise to the most dramatic skies and incredible sunsets.

More about Temperatures

The lush, rejuvenated vegetation attracts a plethora of fascinating creatures. Expect to witness newborn antelope, zebra, elephants and more, as well as an array of bird species. Elephants and other herbivores relish the fresh, tender vegetation, while predators are evermore present, seeking easy prey in the growing abundance of young animals.

Highlights of this time of year

In Zambia, November is perhaps best known for one of the largest mammal migrations, The Kasanka Bat Safari where nearly 10 million fruit bats converge in Kasanka National Park. We also run our annual Carnivore Week which is a hit with those seeking a deeper understanding of the carnivores of Zambia. By December we start preparing for the Christmas festivities and you can expect an array of traditional CHristmas activities as well as a few African inspired ones.

Camps & Lodges openthis time of year

While our bushcamps in Zambia & Zimbabwe are closed, we still have some exciting options in Zambia & Malawi.

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