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The Victoria Falls is where the wide Zambezi River simply drops some 100 meters into a narrow gorge. The Falls lie across the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, and Livingstone is the town on the Zambian side. There is more to Livingstone than just visiting the Falls. The gorges themselves create many high adrenalin stunt-like opportunities; the wide and very beautiful Zambezi upstream of the Falls is wonderful for boating and canoeing. And of course the bridge is famous for bungee jumping!

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Zambezi River in Livingstone

The Livingstone region

Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight...
David Livingstone about Livingstone

More aboutLivingstone

Livingstone is a small town in southern Zambia. This destination was named by David Livingstone, the famous Scottish explorer who visited the area to search in vain for missing water sources on behalf of his country’s East Coast Company. Livingstone is a town that seems almost frozen in time, with colonial British architecture lining the main road and modern African designs mixed throughout.

Livingstone is a fantastic place to visit, and we have some great places for you to stay. Do you want to know more about it? Why not contact us today and see what adventure there is in store for you?

The Zambezi River - Luangwa & Livingstone

In the 1890s, Cecil John Rhodes and his British South Africa Company established British power in north-western Rhodesia. They had the company investigate mineral resources such as gold, diamonds, and coal which they found at a crossing point along with other goods like wood, ivory and skins from local animals; this settlement became home to what would eventually become known as ‘’Old Livingstone’’. The people who lived in this area were often attacked by mosquitoes that carried malaria. To escape these pests, they moved up into the hills where there were no swamps or other sources of standing water for mosquitos to breed – hence why so many settlements have been named after Dr David Livingstone.

The People of Livingstone

The people of Livingstone are known to be a friendly and warm-hearted community. The town is home to colonial British architecture in combination with modern African designs which give it an old world charm you won’t find anywhere else. The estimated population for this beautiful tourist destination has been calculated at over 173,000 (according to 2018 Census). Most inhabitants speak Tonga as their native language; however as a former British colony English is widely spoken.

The Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls are a sight to behold. The wide Zambezi River simply drops 100 meters into an impressively narrow gorge, and Livingstone is the town that sits on this side with more than just its namesake attraction for visitors. You can go white water rafting or hiking through some of Africa’s most beautiful landscapes while you are here – and both activities will give you adrenaline in all kinds of ways! You may enjoy these natural wonders from above ground (hence why they call it “adrenaline stunts”).

Dining room at Tongabezi
Camps & Lodges

The Livingstone area is home to some of Africa’s finest safari camps and lodges, and Robin Pope Safaris has access to a wide range of options for you. For an unforgettable getaway in the ultimate wilderness experience, head over to Stanley Safari Lodge. Stanley Safari Lodge is a stunning safari resort set on a hill overlooking lush bush, not far from the Falls and enjoys some truly majestic views.

The beautiful Toka Leya Camp is a great place to stay as well, especially if you’re looking for that ‘home away from home’ feeling. The setting of Toka Leya on the banks of the magnificent Zambezi River, overlooking several islands makes for complete relaxation.

We have more than just these accommodation options for you. Be sure to look at our wonderful range of great accommodations. You will certainly not be disappointed.

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