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This park is situated in the Upper Zambezi flood plains of Western Zambia. The park covers an area of 3,600km2 of vast wooded islands, and the plain from which the park takes its name is 70km long and 30 km wide. The park plays a vital role in the Zambezi’s catchment and is flooded from late December to early May. During these flood months the 100 metre wide Zambezi becomes a 40 km wide stretch of water, swamp, reeds and islands. The plain is flat – horizon to horizon and under the vast skies run 30,000 blue wildebeest along with zebra, red lechwe, oribi, eland, buffalo and others. These antelope are prey to many hyenas, some wild dog and a few cheetahs. There is a single lion currently but in 2009 she will be joined by further introduced individuals. The birds above everything are breath-taking here. There are many species and lots of them – Especially in the migration months of May, June and November, December. And during these months as the water recedes and latterly the rains arrive there are carpets of flowers just to put the finishing touch to the extraordinary scenes.

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Liuwa Plain National Park

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Liuwa Plain is a treat for all the senses.
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Liuwa Plain National Park, located in the Western Province of Zambia is an incredible place to explore. The park covers 3660 square kilometres. The area was originally a hunting ground for Lubosi Lewanika, king of the local Lozi people, until it became a National Park in 1972. Liuwa means “plain” in the Lozi language. The surrounding area is a floodplain, which means that it’s susceptible to flooding. The park lies in the Upper Zambezi Flood Plains of Western Zambia; this makes for some very interesting wildlife and natural habitats.

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General information

The king of Barotseland appointed his people as the guardians of this park 200 years ago. Today, they still regard themselves in those same roles and continue to protect it from harm with a fierce dedication. About 12,500 people officially live in the park. It’s a great success story of humans and animals peacefully coexisting and an example for other parks in Africa.The area even hosts one of the largest animal migrations on the continent.
Two great rivers, the Luambimba and Luanginga bound the park respectively to east and west. A diverse ecosystem thrives within this space where wild animals live scattered across open fields.


In November, when it starts raining, the blue wildebeests from Angola are moving in huge groups across the plain, often mixed with zebras. Other antelopes that live here are the oribi, red lechwe, and sitatunga. The jackal, serval, wildcat, lion, and hyena are the predators of the area.
The wildlife of Liuwa Plain National Park is scattered across the plain, so you won’t see them on every corner. But with a little effort, you are sure to see many beautiful animals. Wild dogs, African lions and buffalo are among the many faunae that you will encounter in this park.


Bird lovers are also well served in Liuwa Plain National Park. Here you will find, among others, the blacksmith plovers, secretary bird, grey heron, storks, hottentot teal plus both wattled and crowned cranes. In the wet season, from November to April, many birds migrate to the plains. The park is also famous for its many black-winged pratincole. In the water you will find the slaty egret and the whiskered tern. For them, the Liuwa Plain is the only suitable breeding ground. So, it’s an amazing opportunity to see these species in real life!

Aerial view of King Lewenika

The King Lewanika Lodge is magnificent and the only permanent accommodation in Liuwa Plain National Park. It has six beautiful villas that are very stylishly furnished with modern amenities for guests’ comfort.
This environmentally friendly accommodation immerses you in the beautiful landscape. Enjoy an indoor and outdoor shower, a comfortable lounge, a spacious veranda and, of course, a magnificent view of the plain. The exclusive lodge is like no other. Every detail has been taken care of by professionals who know how to make guests feel at home.

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