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Shiwa N’gandu is in the remote heart of northern Zambia, a majestic home built in the wilderness over 80 years ago. A few years ago this remarkable house and estate of Sir Stewart Gore-Browne and his wife Lorna was on the brink on collapse. However, their grandson Charlie Harvey and his wife Jo have taken on the job of renovating this amazing property and have opened it to the public. They are always on hand and do the hosting themselves. Their insight into how the house came about and the task of building this “English Country Home” in the African bush is in itself worth the trip.

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Shiwa Ng’andu

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Shiwa N’gandu is in the remote heart of northern Zambian, a majestic home built in the wilderness over 80 years ago.
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Shiwa Ng’andu is located in northern Zambia among magnificent granite hills. Shiwa House is a beautiful old English manor house found on this working farm, offering a beautiful setting to stay in. Steeped in ancient, colonial and family history, you will most certainly have a great time here. The diverse wildlife and countless birds in addition to the working farm, bring this area to life. Located at the end of the Rift Valley, the estate on which the house sits includes a wildlife reserve that spans over 20.000 acres and is home to all manner of native animals. It also has its own natural lake.

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Shiwa House is an English country manor house that was built deep in the African bush by Sir Stuart Gore-Browne. The English aristocrat Sir Stewart Gore-Browne fell in love with the country of Zambia after working on the Anglo-Belgian Boundary Commission. From a very young age, Gore-Browne always aspired to have an estate like that of his aunt. He was a man who could not afford such an estate in Britain. Because the land in Northern Rhodesia was cheaper, he decided to buy a piece of land near Lake Shiwa Ng’andu. The first world war threw a spanner in the works, but afterwards he returned.

The construction of the country house started in 1920. At that time there were no fixed roads and bridges, so the construction took a very long time. Almost all structures had to be manufactured on the site itself. The construction of the manor house lasted until no less than 1950. But the result was worth it.
After Gore-Browne died, his daughter and her husband took over management of the mansion. Their untimely death in 1992 saw the house not being maintained and estate falling apart. However, Gore-Browne’s grandson Charlie and wife Jo took it over in 1999 and restored Shiwa House to its former glory. One can stay overnight in one of its five rooms. There is also a landing strip for charter flights.

Visiting Shiwa House

A stay at the manor is an unforgettable experience. The house has five cozy bedrooms each with a fireplace so that on cold evenings it is nice and warm. Throughout the house you will find various historical objects and mementos.
There are several fun and relaxing activities to do in this area. For example, consider taking a safari drive to view wildlife and beautiful natural settings. But also, on foot or on horseback you can undertake these kinds of wonderful trips. The rare and elusive papyrus dwelling Sitatunga antelope and the Blue Duiker, are great highlights, along with 22 other mammal species inhabit the area. The bird life here is prolific with over 375 different species of birds, making this an excellent destination for those who love watching feathered creatures.
Prefer an afternoon of relaxation? Then pay a visit to the wonderful Kapishya Hot springs. These can be found near Shiwa House.

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