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The most picturesque part of Lake Malawi is in the south where Lake Malawi National Park is; home to hundreds of fish species, including the colourful cichlids. Inside the park the scenery is scintillating. Steep hills carpeted with trees tumble down into the deep blue water of the lake, while the shoreline is punctuated by islands, bays and large granite boulders. The clarity of the (not salty!) water and the great abundance of marine life make it ideal for snorkeling and diving, while the absence of currents ensures it is wonderful for swimming, sailing, kayaking and watersports.

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Snorkelling in the calm cool waters of Lake Malawi
Pumulani Lodge on Lake Malawi

The Lake Malawi National Park region

Lake Malawi National Park

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The most picturesque part of Lake Malawi is in the south where Lake Malawi National Park is; home to hundreds of fish species, including the colourful cichlids.
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One of the hidden gems of African countries is Lake Malawi. You wouldn’t expect to find a beautiful beach amidst all the other countries on the continent, but that’s exactly what you get at Lake Malawi. The water there is wonderfully fresh and clean, and it feels just like being by the sea. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Malawi, so a visit is highly recommended.

On the south side of the lake, you will find Lake Malawi National Park. The park contains many hundreds of fish species, almost all of which are endemic to the area. You will also find several beautiful fauna on the mainland.  We’ll help you plan your next adventure by arranging everything for you, fill out the form below.

History & Geography

The first European visitor to the lake was the Portuguese trader Jose da Costa Cardoso. He visited the lake in 1846. However, Lake Malawi owes its nickname – Lake of Stars – to the great explorer, David Livingstone. He saw the fishing boats going up the lake in the dark, each boat carrying a light. Thus, at night the lake resembled a true starry sky.

Lake Malawi belongs to the Rift Valley Lakes. These lakes are located at the boundary of the African plateau. Because of this location, the Rift Valley lakes are one of the world’s oldest, deepest and largest lakes. They are very carefully maintained by the WWF.

The lake is 560 kilometers long and 75 kilometers wide at its widest point and reaches as much as 706 meters deep. The largest river flowing into the lake is the Ruhuhu River and branches off into the Shire River, which eventually flows into the ocean via the Zambezi River. Only 20 percent of the water from Lake Malawi ends up in the ocean. The rest would already have evaporated! Another special feature of Lake Malawi is its meromictic character – the different layers of the lake do not mix with each other.

Lake Malawi National Park

National legislation and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife have provided protection for the park for some time. There is also a strategic tourism management plan to ensure responsible tourism development in the area. The local people survive mainly from fishing. The local and national authorities are therefore working closely with the local population to ensure protection of the area.

The fresh water is home to a wide variety of underwater animals. In the lake you will find countless beautiful, colorful fish. In addition, you will regularly find two species of otters regularly sighted along the coastline and even on some of the islands. However, on the banks of Lake Malawi National Park you will also find various animals, for example baboons, antelopes and different birds, such as the fish eagle, cormorant and hammerhead.


Lake Malawi National Park is the perfect snorkeling location. Between August and December the water is crystal clear, allowing you to see as far as 30 meters deep. With even a simple snorkeling equipment you can already see the most magnificent fish, which feed on the surface of the rocks.

The experienced diver will of course go for a scuba dive. In the area there are several diving centers.

Do you prefer to stay above the water surface? Then go for a day of kayaking or sailing. The calm water is ideal for a relaxing kayak/canoe experience, while there is enough wind on the lake for a wonderful sailing trip.



Pumulani Lodge is a luxury beach lodge located on the shores of Lake Malawi National Park. It consists of several luxurious villas with stunning views of the lake. You have your own terrace, spacious living room and large bedroom. You can walk straight from your villa into the water for a refreshing dip or for a moment of relaxation on the beach. Prefer to cool off in a pool? Then enjoy the two infinity pools that Pumulani offers its guests. A great place to relax and unwind after a day of exciting activities.

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