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Explore the conservation stories of Malawi in 3 of the country’s impressive reserves and parks: Majete Wildlife Reserve, Liwonde National Park and Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve.

Key facts of Conservation Malawi

Mkulumadzi 3 nights Kuthengo 3 nights  
Tongole 4 nights
Number of nights 10
Available Dates March - early January
Country visited Malawi
National Parks Majete Wildlife Reserve, Liwonde National Park & Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve

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Explore the conservation success stories of Malawi

Conservation Malawi explores African Parks journey to rehabilitate Malawi’s wildlife and starts of in Majete Wildlife Reserve which was the very first park to enter their portfolio and 15 years on has all the Big 5 game. In 2016 African Parks (Majete and Liwonde National Park) were able to restock Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve with not only 500 elephants but also several other herbivores. This was a huge achievement considering Majete Wildlife Reserve had just a handful of small antelope prior to African Parks taking over. This was the largest and most significant elephant translocation ever seen; bringing much hope to the African elephants whose existence has been heavily threatened by poaching, habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict.

Malawi is a landlocked country, running down the end of the Great Rift Valley. Dominated by Lake Malawi, the third largest lake in Africa, the surrounding country is exceptionally beautiful with dramatic scenery that includes rocky outcrops, high mountains, plateaus and views across what is considered to be Africa’s most beautiful lake.

Itinerary of Conservation Malawi day by day

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Day 1 - 3
Day 4 - 6
Day 7 - 10
Mkulumadzi Lodge

Day 1 - 3: Mkulumadzi Lodge

Your Conservation Malawi safari starts at the very place where it all began, Majete Wildlife Reserve. Mkulumadzi Lodge is located on the confluence of the Shire and Mkulumadzi River; within Majete Wildlife Reserve. It's one of the largest protected parks in Malawi and covers an area of over 70,000 hectares. The lodge enjoys a stunning location on the confluence of two rivers. Over the next few days you will get to experience the magic of Majete Wildlife Reserve, with a chance of many exciting encounters lie in store, with the chance to view many species including black rhino, leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo, eland, kudu, sable, suni, klipspringer, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest and zebra.

In terms of wildlife activities, during your stay at Mkulumadzi Lodge, there is alot in store. Exciting game drives each morning or afternoon are always a favourite, with the evening drives lasting into the early evening, giving guests a chance to experience the park after dark. Exploring Majete on foot is also highly recommended. Early mornings are the best - and coolest - times for walking. The lush banks of the Shire are popular with elephant and buffalo; hippo and crocodile sightings are guaranteed and birdlife is abundant. A trip to Mkulumadzi Lodge would not be complete without a night on the star deck (when the weather permits it), allowing one to completely immerse themselves in their surroundings.

More about the region Learn more about Mkulumadzi Lodge
Kuthengo Camp

Day 4 - 6: Kuthengo Camp

Liwonde National Park is considered to be one of the top birding locations in Southern Africa. The park offers some of the most scenic game viewing, beautiful riverine surroundings and varied bird watching you could wish to find. A great deal of the terrain is Shire River floodplains, much loved by the healthy population of Elephants in this park. They are best viewed during your boat safari on the Shire River, one of the many highlights of a stay at Kuthengo Camp, the next stop on your Conservation Malawi safari.

There is no such thing as a typical day on safari as one never knows what lies in store however an early morning start is always advisable in order to get out in the park when the animals are active. Walking Safaris in particular are reccommended in the early morning when it is cooler, and are a great way to appreciate the smaller details. Game drives allow you to cover more ground,and the afternoon drives that last into the early evening give you the chance to experience the nocturnal wildlife. A boat safari on the Shire River is always a treat and at Kuthengo Camp you get to enjoy them all year round. Apart from safari activities, you can also spend time cooling off in the plunge pool or enjoying the wildlife and beautiful scenery from your private viewing deck.

More about the region Learn more about Kuthengo Camp
Tongole Wilderness Lodge

Day 7 - 10: Tongole Wilderness Lodge

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve has had a difficult past with decades of poaching reduced the wildlife to next to nothing..with fewer than 100 elephants by 2015. Game animals were hunted out. Once again it was African Parks to the rescue, who together with the Malawi Government and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, braced Nkhotakota for one of the world’s largest wildlife translocations. By August 2017, over a two-year period, the park received almost 500 elephants and 2,000 other animals. Made up of rugged terrain and crossed by a number of rivers, most of the reserve is miombo woodland with vast patches of tall grasses and occasional lush areas of rainforest. It is possibly Malawi’s last truly unexploited wildlife areas and attracts those who wish to experience a true wilderness.

Deep within the breath-taking wilderness of the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, Tongole Wilderness Lodge is the only high-end lodge in the reserve. Your time here can be spent enjoying the stunning views from your chalet or embarking on an adventure into the wilderness with one of the many activities on offer such as canoeing, fly fishing, hiking and so much more. The last stop on your safari, and what better way to end off your journey of discovery.

More about the region

Itinerary of Conservation Malawi by map

A fabulous safari and a chance to see exceptional game in the most exquisite surroundings. We had a beautiful dining experience down on the banks of the river and lots of delicious meals up by the lodge. Our game drives and safari activities were truly magical moments whilst we sipped Malawi gin by the banks of the Shire and Bua river. A wonderful way to experience the real soul of Africa.
Michael F about Conservation Malawi
The scenery is absolutely stunning, the beautiful Shire & Bua river with rapids is the view from every property we stayed at, with some of the best sundowner spots we've seen. The journey to rehabilitate Malawi’s wildlife is illustrated perfectly with this safari.
Terry P about Conservation Malawi

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