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Liwonde National Park, although fairly small in comparison to the rest of Malawi’s Wildlife parks, is a very popular park to visit. Wildlife includes large numbers of elephants, buffalo, hippos and crocodiles as well as kudu, sable and bushbuck. Predators include lions, cheetahs and hyena. It also has an impressive variety of birds.

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The Liwonde National Park region

Liwonde National Park

Camps & Lodgesin the Liwonde National Park region

Though smaller in comparison to other parks in Malawi, Liwonde National Park is big on the offerings.
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Liwonde National Park is relatively small. It lies to the south of Lake Malawi on the Shire River, which flows into the Zambezi River. Due to its proximity to both the capital Blantyre and Cape Maclear, Liwonde National Park is one of the most visited parks in Malawi. But not only its convenient location makes this park worth visiting. The park is a great place to go on unforgettable safaris and see the most beautiful animals! Think for example of hippos, crocodiles, elephants, rhinos, lions, cheetah, various antelopes and more.

A visit to Liwonde National Park is a must during your visit to Malawi. Fill in the form below and we’ll tell you all about this magical adventure.


Liwonde National Park was established in 1973. Chief Liwonde, after whom the park is named, had made a strong commitment to protect the wildlife in the Malawian park. Today, several local people are working hard to protect the park. But the conservation committee goes one step further than just protecting the area. Thanks to various development projects, the park is constantly expanding, making Liwonde National Park a fantastic safari destination today.

In 2015, African Parks took over management of Liwonde. In doing so, the biggest priority was to rebuild the fences around the park. This significantly reduced the harmful impact of poaching, also because the fences came with constant surveillance.


Malawi is the perfect destination for the safari-goer who wants to encounter as few tourists as possible along the way. In contrast, the diversity of wildlife in Malawi, and Liwonde National Park, is numerous. For example, the Big Five are all present in this park.

Liwonde is approximately 55,000 hectares in size. Its fertile environment makes it an attractive setting for wildlife. The park is home to crocodiles, hippos, elephants, antelopes, klipspringers, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, cheetah, and lions. Black rhinos are also regularly spotted in Liwonde. Other commonly seen animals are roan, hartebeest and kudus.

In Liwonde you can go on safari however you like. There are safaris on foot, on a vehicle or in a boat. During a boat safari you will sail over the Shire River. Here you will enjoy the variety of animals that visit the waterfront to cool off or to drink. A game drive goes further inland. This increases the chance of seeing more beautiful land animals, such as lions, cheetah and black rhinos.


Liwonde is a wetland area and therefore a fine habitat for an incredible number of birds. The park is home to no less than around 400 different species of birds. During your trip to Liwonde, you can enjoy the most beautiful birds, such as Pel’s fishing owls, palm-nut vultures, ospreys and Lilian’s love birds. Many birds make their nests in the bushes along the waterfront. But also, at higher altitudes many birds live, like the African fish eagle.

Camps & Lodges

Camps & Lodges
The park offers two wonderful accommodations for a fantastic stay, namely Kuthengo Camp and Mvuu Lodge. Kuthengo Camp is located on the banks of the Shire River and is hidden between the fever and baobab trees. Here you will enjoy a beautiful view over the river and everything that lives around it. In the camp itself you will find a lounge, dining area and bar. Moreover, you can cool down in the swimming pool. In your tent, you have access to a bath and outdoor shower. A wonderful, relaxing experience.

Mvuu Lodge is a quiet, serene retreat on the banks of the Shire River. From here you can take the most beautiful boat safaris. Moreover, there is a very good chance that you will spot hippos from this lodge. Mvuu also means hippo in the local Chichewa language.
The cozy tents of Mvuu are hidden in nature. This not only guarantees privacy, but also gives you the real feeling of being immersed in nature. You will enjoy your own veranda from where you can look at all the beauty the area has to offer. In addition, Mvuu has a swimming pool, restaurant and relaxing lounge.

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