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African Safaris in the dry season

We have reached the final month of the dry season and the landscape is baked brown, dry and dusty. African safaris in October can be exceptionally hot compared to other months, but they’re considered among the finest. It precedes the rainy season, and the sparse, arid foliage simplifies wildlife observation. It’s an optimal time to witness Africa’s fauna.

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Why travelthis time of year

Exceptional Game viewing due to scarcity of water and thinning out of vegetation.
Longer days as sunsets are later in the day.
Predators are more active.

Some ideasfor you

Explore a diverse array of safari experiences across our three destinations: Zambia, Malawi & Zimbabwe, or opt for a single-country safari, combining a range of experiences within a single destination.

Temperatures and conditions

In October, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe typically experience warm and dry conditions. Temperatures in these Southern African countries can vary, with daytime highs ranging from 30°C to 40°C While the weather is perfect for game viewing as well as snorkelling in the cool waters of Lake Malawi, travelers should prioritize staying hydrated and protect themselves against the sun’s intensity.

More about Temperatures

As we enter the last month of the dry season, October emerges as the pinnacle of safari experiences in numerous destinations. The arid landscape makes wildlife viewing easier as animals congregate near the dwindling water sources, offering exceptional game viewing opportunities. Despite the scorching heat, predators are notably active during this prime safari month, ensuring thrilling encounters for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

Highlights of the season

October not only marks the pinnacle of game viewing but also represents your final chance to partake in our Walking Safaris. In addition, our seasonal hides are a must-visit during this period due to their strategic locations near the dwindling water sources, ensuring a flurry of wildlife activity. Make the most of this prime season for game viewing and the unique experiences our walking safaris and hides offer. Over on Lake Malawi, enjoy crystal clear and calm waters, perfect for water sports or just cooling off to beat the heat.

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