We are committed and responsible

Responsible Tourism

Operating lodges and camps in protected ecosystems in Africa alongside local indigenous communities and wildlife comes with a great deal of responsibility.

Robin Pope Safaris is committed to responsible tourism. We conduct our business in a manner that benefits the environment and wildlife conservation, the people who work for us, and our neighboring communities. In this way our tourism operations, and the presence of our guests, has the capacity to protect natural wildlife areas, alleviate poverty through good employment practices and contribute positively to the local community. We work together with community development, wildlife conservation and responsible tourism specialists to ensure that we operate in accordance with these principles.

Solar panels being cleaned to maximize efficiency

Caring for the environment

Robin Pope Safaris takes pro-active steps to ensure that we run in an environmentally responsible manner. This is important in protecting the fragile ecosystems upon which the wildlife and local people rely upon for their survival and in which we operate.

Steps we take:

  • The use of green technology; solar energy systems, natural air-cooling and non-fired bricks.
  • Conserve water
  • Recycle, re-use, or dispose waste in a responsible matter.

Wildlife Conservation

Robin Pope Safaris undertakes many activities, and supports a diversity of projects that contribute to the conservation and protection of wildlife. We also ensure that wildlife and their habitats are not disturbed by our operations.

Activities we undertake:
Professionally Trained & Highly Qualified Safari Guides
Our guides are trained to the highest possible standards and all have professional safari guiding qualifications.

In Zambia we financially support the vital anti-poaching activities of Conservation South Luangwa (CSL) in order to keep South Luangwa’s wildlife safe from poachers.
We also support both financially and practically our local Kakumbi Community Resource Board.
In Zimbabwe we support the Zambezi Elephant Fund. This fund works with local authorities, as well as a collaborative group of alliance partners to maintain a strong anti-poaching presence.

ZCP Team collaring a lioness

Wildlife Conservation continued

Carnivore Research The Luangwa Valley is home to Zambia’s second largest wild dog population, its largest lion population and one of its largest leopard populations.

Conservation Education
Changing ‘hearts and minds’ of community members living alongside wildlife to understand the importance and value of wildlife are crucial in its conservation.

Support of Government Wildlife Bodies
Robin Pope Safaris supports the conservation efforts of the Zambian, Malawian and Zimbabwean governments through the payment of tourism levies and fees, by reporting snared animals to the wildlife authorities, promoting the protection of fish species along Lake Malawi National Park and by assisting their operations with vehicles and resources when needed.

Community benefit

For over 30 years, we have been committed to ensuring that our local communities benefit from our presence through employment. We understand the interdependence between local communities and the wildlife and natural resources that tourism depends upon. As we operate in rural areas that lack other development opportunities, we are in a great position to impact positively on local people’s lives.

Robin Pope Safaris founded the Luangwa Safari Association Medical Fund, which contributes to the upkeep of the government’s rural Kakumbi Health Centre; which provides healthcare for more than 20 000 residents.

Robin Pope Safaris believes that investing in education provision in the local community is one of the best contributions we can make to our neighbours. Education is key to ending the cycle of poverty in rural African communities.

Our school fees program ensures more children have access to school

Community benefit continued

Trade Not Aid
We purchase as many locally available supplies as possible to stimulate local trade. We also contract local craftsmen for new buildings and in the refurbishment of our existing properties and support local artisans by selling their wares in our gift shops.

With our active support, community members from Kawaza Village set up and manage the first authentic cultural village tourism enterprise in Zambia. We encourage trade with Kawaza Village and are their main supplier of guests, marketing them internationally through our website and our tour operator partners and acting as their Booking Agent.

We are fortunate for our dedicated staff

Caring for our staff

To care for our staff, we ensure high standard treatment, fair wages, and good working conditions as well as access to education and training. We employ solely on the basis of merit and employ local staff in all areas of our operations.

Training & Promotion
We have a number of training mechanisms in place for our staff and have a policy of in-house development and promotion from bottom to top.

We always reward good work and encourage our staff to further their education – both through our in-house training courses and externally. We sponsor employees that show high commitment and potential to develop themselves to senior management level.