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Located on the banks of the Shire River, Mkulumadzi Lodge has 8 stunning chalets where you can relax and fall under the spell of the sights & sounds of the river, in the heart of Majete Wildlife Reserve, Malawi.

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Open 16 March - 9 Jan 
Accommodation Eight chalets 
Policy All ages welcome
Airstrip  Majete Airstrip
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Mkulumadzi Lodge

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Majete Wildlife Reserve is one of the outstanding success stories of African conservation. Located in the south of Malawi, Majete is an area of 70.000 hectares, part of Africa’s Great Rift Valley. The reserve is made up of mature miombo woodlands and granite topped hills that contrast with picturesque river valleys and lush riverine forest. For connoisseurs of wildlife many exciting encounters lie in store.

Surrounded by 7,000 hectares of private concession, Mkulumadzi enjoys an idyllic location at the confluence of two rivers shaded by giant leadwood trees. It is the perfect combination of splendid isolation and first-class facilities.Guests arrive by a footbridge suspended over the Mkulumadzi River to discover a friendly welcome and many home comforts. The lodge has a restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining, a lounge and terrace, a bar and shop, swimming pool, viewing deck, sleep-out star deck and a lapa for evening campfires.


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En suite
Evening Breeze Air Conditioning
Infinity Pool
No WiFi
No phone reception
Star Bed
Laundry Service
Family Chalets
Honeymoon suite


The perfect combination of luxury and isolation, Mkulumadzi boasts eight superb chalets set on the banks of the Shire River, shaded by giant leadwood trees and wild mangos. Each chalet has a spacious bedroom and lounge, ensuite bathroom, outdoor shower and private viewing deck where guests can sit back and marvel at the sights and sounds of the river.

The bush chalets are luxurious and spacious with contemporary furnishings, some crafted from locally-sourced materials. They are flooded with natural light, giving you the sense of being in the forest without compromising your comfort and privacy.

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Majete is one of the big success stories in African conservation, as after decades of poaching, hard work has turned the reserve back into a sustainable development as well as a Big 5 reserve. Now previously endangered species live and breed here and you can look forward to amazing encounters.

Reintroduced species include elephants, buffalo, sable, waterbuck, eland, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, nyala, zebra, black rhino and most recent years giraffe, cheetah, lion, and leopard. Various species have multiplied beautifully.
There is quite a variety of bird species. Common sightings include vultures (4 species), bateleur eagles, pale-billed hornbills, Arnot’s chat, wood hoopoes and various shrikes. Some highlights include cuckoo hawks, Pel’s fishing owls, Livingstone’s fly-catchers racket-tailed rollers, Boehm’s bee-eaters, and rock pratincoles.
As the various species continue to breed, Majete will certainly see an increase in sightings of all the game.

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Rates and Seasonal Highlights

Our rates are inclusive of accommodation, activities, meals and bar and are charged per person per night by season. Park entry costs are extra. For guests staying more than 7 nights at RPS properties, there are long stay discounts available. There is no supplement charged for single travelers unless there are more than 3 singles. Children’s rates are available as well as a complimentary stay for a second child under 16 years. Note: Rates may vary for residents or regional travellers. All rates are subject to change without notice.


The different seasons offer us incredible diversity in terms of landscapes, wildlife sightings and experiences. We have put together some of these highlights for you to consider as you plan your African adventure with us. Be inspired!

Lower rates | Beautiful lush scenery | Baby boom in animal kingdom | No crowds
  • Closes 9 January. Emerald season: 385 USD pppn.
  • The bush comes alive during this time of year with an abundance of baby animals and an abundance of migratory birds.
  • Rainfall is very high during this month as are temperatures and humidity.
Mkulumadzi Lodge is closed this time of year so we can do some 'spring' cleaning and maintenance.
Lower rates | Beautiful lush scenery | Baby boom in animal kingdom | No crowds
  • Reopens 16 March. Emerald season: 385 USD pppn.
  • Great birding this time of year with several special birds including Livingstone’s flycatcher and Hildebrandt’s spur-fowl.
  • It is still the height of the rainy season so rainfall is frequent and temperatures and humidity are still high.
Lower rates | Beautiful lush scenery | Baby boom in animal kingdom | No crowds
  • Emerald season: 385 USD pppn.
  • As the rains ease off the bush starts to dry out and wildlife is becoming easier to see.
  • The rainy season is coming to an end and humidity starts to fall. Temperatures are pleasant throughout the day.
Lower rates | Beautiful scenery | Great game viewing | Pleasant temperatures
  • Emerald season up to 21 May: 385 USD pppn.
    Shoulder season from 22 May: 430 USD pppn.
  • The wildlife is becoming more prolific as the bush continues to dry out. Bird watching is still good despite the lack of migratory birds.
  • The end of summer is approaching, the temperatures are cooler particularly at night and the humidity decreases but there are still some sporadic showers.
Lower rates | Great game viewing | Pleasant temperatures
  • Shoulder season: 430 USD pppn.
  • The lack of rain results in less vegetation making wildlife easier to spot. Birding continues to be fantastic despite the lack of migratory birds.
  • Although winter has arrived, the days are sunny and warm. At night the temperatures drop.
Great game viewing | Pleasant temperatures
  • Peak season: 520 USD pppn.
    Long stay discount applicable.
  • Enjoy fantastic wildlife encounters this time of year as well as birding. As the inland lagoons dry up the wildlife is concentrated at water holes and along the Shire River.
  • This is one of the coldest months of the year but the days are sunny with the occasional drizzle (chiperoni).
Great game viewing | Pleasant temperatures
  • Peak season: 520 USD pppn.
    Long stay discount applicable.
  • The wildlife continues to congregate at the water holes and along the river during the warmer parts of the day. Birding continues to be prolific.
  • Winter is coming to an end and the temperatures slowly rise and the days are sunny and clear.
Exceptional game viewing | Pleasant temperatures
  • Peak season: 520 USD pppn.
    Long stay discount applicable.
  • The higher temperatures mean the Majete vegetation continues to thin out thus making wildlife more prominent. Keep an eye out for Bateleur Eagles as the reserve has a high concentration of them.
  • The days are noticeably warmer as the temperatures continue to rise. The nights are still chilly.
Exceptional game viewing | Pleasant temperatures
  • Shoulder season: 430 USD pppn.
  • This is a phenomenal time of the year for game viewing and the wildlife does not disappoint.
  • During October the reserve experiences some of the hottest days of the year and the chance of rain is little to none.
Great game viewing | Lower Rates
  • Emerald season: 385 USD pppn.
  • Wildlife is still very prolific due to the mostly dry weather that leaves the bush very dry and sparse.
  • Temperatures are still very high in November and humidity begins to rise. There is often showers towards the end of the month.
Lower rates | Beautiful lush scenery | Baby boom in animal kingdom | No crowds
  • Emerald season: 385 USD pppn.
  • The onset of the rains brings great relief to the wildlife after the harsh dry season. Migratory birds also start to arriving and the breeding season starts for many mammals.
  • Rain becomes more prolific in December with frequent afternoon showers. Temperatures remain high and humidity too.

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The location of the lodge is exceptional: it can only be reached by crossing a fun and swinging suspension bridge. The rooms are all classic safari style decorated and have a nice view over the Shire river. Always something going on: elephants and hippo’s show up regularly. The food was excellent, specialy dinner! We were treated to a delicious rumpsteak and a very tasty porkfillet the other day.
Hans B about Mkulumadzi Lodge
My wife and I cannot recommend Mkulumadzi enough. We have been fortunate to be able to travel all over Africa, and this was THE #1 most stunning location we've been to. The running river setting is incredible, especially when elephants are playing in it right outside your chalet. The Majete Reserve is an African wildlife success story. Mkulumadzi is run by the top-notch Robin Pope Safaris. You CANNOT go wrong with these guys, they know how to run a camp.
Mike P about Mkulumadzi Lodge
We have been to Africa many times, but Malawi was a new destination for us. You reach Mkulumadzi Lodge via a suspension bridge which you must walk across. The units are very spacious, with private decks overlooking the river, outdoor showers and indoor bathtubs in the large ensuite bathroom, small refrigerators, and plentiful room for putting personal items.
tjworldtravelers about Mkulumadzi Lodge
We had a great welcome from Conrad and Retha and an excellent guide in Mali, accompanied by Kenneth. The scenery is absolutely stunning - green and lush (well it was the end of the rainy season but even so), the beautiful Shire river with rapids is the view from camp and we enjoyed one of the best sundowner spots we've seen (won't give away the details in case you go!).
vanessa h about Mkulumadzi Lodge
We regret that we only had one night in this stunning lodge. Our own little house with view to hippos in the river passing by. The food was amazing, the staff couldn’t be better- I felt like a princess. The game drives were awesome. The guides had so much knowledge about the wildlife and the plants and trees. I left a part of my heart in this place. Will definitely be back!
baronesse N about Mkulumadzi Lodge

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