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Zebra seen in South Luangwa National Park

African Safaris in the Emerald season

During the emerald season in Zambia and Malawi, when the rains are in full swing, the landscape undergoes a remarkable transformation. The bush becomes a vibrant green paradise, with lush vegetation and flowing waterways. It’s a unique and unforgettable experience, offering a glimpse of the natural world like nothing else. This time of renewal and flourishing wildlife is a hidden gem in the African safari calendar, promising an unforgettable experience.

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Why travelthis time of year

Stunning birdlife on display
Unique and less crowded experience
Lush landscapes and vibrant greenery
Favourable rates and special offers
Ideal for photography due to lack of dust and dramatic skies

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Experience an array of exceptional safari options in Zambia and Malawi during this remarkable season.

Temperatures and conditions

Between January and March, the South Luangwa National Park experiences hot and humid weather with temperatures varying from 15°C at night to 30°C during the day.. Cloud cover dominates the skies, providing respite from the scorching sun and creating a canvas for breathtaking sunsets.

More about Temperatures

Contrary to popular belief, this time of the year is an exceptional time for a safari. The bush may be thicker but there’s still a chance of enjoying the wildlife on offer in Zambia and Malawi. Bur the stars of the show are our feathered friends as birding this time of the year in unmatched. When it comes to bird watching, South Luangwa is held in high esteem amongst birding enthusiasts, clocking over 450 species! During the Emerald Season, there is a bonus as several species of migratory birds such as the Palearctic migrants from Northern Europe and the intra-African migrants arrive to take advantage of the food that the rains bring as well as to roost.

Highlights of this time of year

When we say that safaris this time of year are off the beaten track… we literally mean off the track, because at this time of the year the Luangwa River bursts it’s banks and floods the park, which means the only way to explore this incredible region is by boat. Our River Journeys in Zambia and boat safaris in Kuthengo allow you to take in the sights and sounds of the wilderness while floating through the watery wonderland that the rains have created.

Camps & Lodges openthis time of year

We still have some properties open this time of year for you to make the most of the Emerald Season.

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