We offer three unique  destinations with countless unforgettable experiences

Malawi is known as the Warm Heart of Africa

Malawi may be one of Africa’s smallest countries but when it comes to exploration and adventure, it has tremendous amounts to offer; from grasslands and forests, mountaintops, unspoilt wildlife parks to Africa’s third largest and most beautiful Lake!

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Regions to visit in Malawi

Exhilarating activities on Lake Malawi
Exciting Wildlife Encounters at Kuthengo Camp

Zambia is unspoiled by mass tourism and rich of nature and wildlife

Zambia is a landlocked independent nation in southern Africa. Zambia is unspoiled by mass tourism, and is rich in wildlife, superb forests and meandering rivers. Of course it’s also where you can see the world’s biggest waterfall, the Victoria Falls, which spans the border to our neighbour, Zimbabwe.

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Regions to visit in Zambia

Elephants crossing the Luangwa River
The Victoria Falls, Livingstone
South Luangwa Wildlife

Zimbabwe is home one of the world’s seven natural wonders

Zimbabwe has been named one of the most beautiful countries on the continent and it certainly lives up to that in spectacular style. Zimbabwe’s diversity and splendour is indeed remarkable.

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Regions to visit in Zimbabwe

Sundowners at John's Camp
Wild Dogs at John's Camp
Adventurous safari activities at John's Camp